Snorkling Pantai Sadranan

Snorkling Pantai Sadranan

Pesona keindahan alam yang terdapat pada Kabupaten Gunung Kidul memang seakan tiada habisnya. Berjejer puluhan pantai yang menawarkan panorama alam seolah memikat para pelancong untuk datang menikmati keindahannya. Salah satunya adalah Pantai Sadranan yang merupakan destinasi favorit bagi para penggemar olahraga snorkeling.

Pantai yang langsung berbatasan dengan Samudra Hindia tersebut secara administratif terletak pada Dusun Pulegundes ll, Desa Sidoarjo, Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Jika kamu dari pusat kota Jogja, maka kamu harus menempuh jarak sekitar 65 kilometer atau kira-kira 2 jam perjalanan. Lokasi Pantai Sadranan juga tak jauh dari Krakal, jaraknya hanya sekitar satu kilometer saja.


The location of the beach Sadranan can be said hidden, so there are still many tourists who do not know the existence of this beautiful beach. But among snorkeling enthusiasts, this place is no stranger anymore. This beach has an amazing underwater panorama, not less with Nglambor Beach which is also one of the snorkeling spot in Jogja.

Not just snorkeling alone you can do in this tourist spot. Sadranan Beach also keeps a lot of beauty in it. Fatigue due to long trips, as if paid off after arriving in the coast. Exotic beach, with white sand along the beach and crystal clear sea water as welcomes your arrival on this beach.

Tourist attractions behind the middle of the hits among young people has a fairly wide beach. This beach seemed to hide behind the cliffs of cliffs that exist around the beach. There is a stretch of white sand along the beach that seemed to be an icon in various beaches located in the district of Gunung Kidul.

As far as the eye could see, it would appear that the blue of the vast sea combined with the cliffs of the beautiful cliffs overgrown with green trees. The sea water was quite calm, and the waves are not too fierce like the beaches in the other southern sea. Clear sea water will make it easier for tourists to enjoy the marine life from the water surface.

Just like Drini Beach, Sadranan Beach also has a small island located not far from the beach. The island is a coral island that is formed naturally. This island looks green overgrown with a variety of plants that seemed to add to the beauty of natural panorama on this beach. Unfortunately, the island can not be visited by tourists because there is no access road to the island.

The charm of Sadranan Beach seemed endless. In addition to having a beautiful panorama, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful sunset when the afternoon before. The beauty of this beach seemed perfect when the sunset arrived. The wind blows breeze, the waves that greet the beach lips, combined with the gradation of the sky turned into orange will make you not willing to leave this beach that has a million charms.

Sadranan Beach is also a favorite place for chatting. Often found a row of tents neatly lined up on the beach. As dusk began to come, many youths chatted beside the fire, and enjoyed the silence of the beach night.

From the various charms on the beach, snorkeling is the most interesting activity for tourists to visit this sights. This beach is famous for the beauty of the underwater that is not less interesting than the other snorkeling spot spot.

During a snorkeling your view will be pampered with a fantastic underwater panorama. You can directly interact with small fish, seaweed, and coral reefs that are still natural and awake sustainability. Water character is quite quiet as if making this beach perfect place for snorkeling.

For those of you who are still in the world of snorkeling, do not worry. Because on this beach provides a guide that will guide you to explore the beautiful underwater world of Sadranan Beach. You can also rent snorkeling equipment here at a price that is quite affordable. If you want to capture the moment when diving under the sea, you can also rent a waterproof camera provided by the board of this beach.

Sadranan beach has some spots snorkling is quite fascinating. From some of these snorkeling spots, spot Watu Pecah and spot Kali Senggoro which became the target for snorkeling lovers. You will be guided by a guide if you do not know the location of those spots.

Many of the rare species of fish that you will encounter underwater world of this beach. Like fish kepe-kepe, Morish Idol, yellow botana, kerondong, pufferfish, grouper, fluorescent fish, and many more. Thousands of beautiful fish will be faithful to accompany when you do snorkeling activities on this beach.


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